Deep Leather Cleaner

Deep Leather Cleaner
Product Code: 11749

Deep Leather Cleaner

Deep leather cleaner is an aqueous cleaner suitable for deeper cleaning of full grain
and pigmented leather especially where grubby surfaces can occur during everyday use.
It is effective for its ability to remove stubborn marks such as years of ingrained dirt,light dye transfer, blood or tea stains without damaging the leather finish.  

Drying Time:
Allow 5 – 10 minutes before applying a CORIUM conditioner.  

Apply by hand with a cloth and clean thoroughly. Change cloth to prevent accumulation of grime.
For difficult ingrained dirt or stubborn marks use a short bristled brush such as a nail brush,tampico brush or Buffalo power pad.

Do not expose to frost or high heat.
Stir or shake well before use.

Container sizes:
5Ltr and 25Ltr

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