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Furniture and Upholstery - Auxiliary

Furniture and Upholstery - Leather Aroma
Corium Solutions offer a neutral Leather Aroma which does just what is says on the tin! It really does smell like leather. It is available in aerosols and can also be added to products giving that proven leather smell. Can be added to products Proven smell of leather Available in aerosols REALLY Smells like LEATHER!!! ...
Furniture and Upholstery - Base Filler Prefondo
Corium Solutions offer a neutral Base Filler Prefondo which provides excellent flexibility and is used as a base coat primer on worn, 'hungry' and dry leather. It is easily applied using a brush, sponge or spray and is quick drying. Brush, sponge or spray application Quick drying Base coat primer for hungry and dry leather Excellent flexibility ...